November 2018

The Sands Soccer Academy has had a successful first two months.  We have a diverse group of students this year ranging from grade 8 to grade 12. We are fortunate to have a strong international contingent of players from Germany and Japan who have increased the quality of this year’s academy.

So far this year we have focused on proper body position when receiving the ball and then making quick decisions once we have possession.  Currently the focus is on individual and team defending.  Every class we try to reinforce the concepts learned over the past two months and the coaching staff has noticed great improvement from our current group of students.

In addition to the work being done on the field our students have had the opportunity to attend a Vancouver Whitecaps match at BC Place.  We have also had a field trip to The University of British Columbia where the students trained at Thunderbird Stadium in a session run by Mike Mosher who is the head coach at UBC.

The coaching staff is very excited for the rest of the year. The students have all showed a great willingness to learn and improve. If you have any questions regarding the academy please contact me at

Lucas Serres

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